EHRs: First, Do No Harm

First, do no harm. Four simple words that are synonymous with healthcare. It’s a principle that everyone in the industry – not just physicians – should adhere to. So shame on us all for our part in allowing an EHR vendor to shut off a practice’s access to their patients’ medical records and for recklessly putting patients at risk. Whether our role in healthcare is policy maker, technology developer, provider, or HIT geek, we really need to do better.

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Get Schooled: 4 Helpful Patient Education Tools

How can clinicians get patients to understand the nuances of their care so they will make those necessary phone calls? How can we educate patients so they understand the “whys” of the interventions and the steps they need to take to achieve their goals? To me, explaining they need to do a certain task or get a certain reading isn’t enough. They need to have some rational behind why it is important and what will be done with the information they gather.

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When ‘New and Improved’ Makes You Wish for the ‘Old and Unenhanced’

In a perfect world, end users would be fully aware of any product limitations before making a purchase or an upgrade. Since the world is not perfect, often the best course of action for technology developers, suppliers, and users is to figure out how make the best of the situation. Most wrinkles can be ironed out – unless, of course, your coffee maker only makes tea. A few quick tips, should your new-and-improved solution include any surprises. Read more…

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It’s Not Just a Watch, the World is the Interface in the New Behavioral Economy

The iWatch will allow Apple to monetize the immediate context and environment and allow it to amass a wealth of data on both your bodily activity and even emotion and place in the world. This will help understand when people will be in the most receptive mood to receive a message. Your responses and activities have just become part of the network, a part of the economy. Apple is building a behavioral economy.

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20 Questions for Health IT #20: Healthcare Analytics

Final question from Brian Eastwood, senior editor of CIO Online: “Healthcare is full of individual instances of data analytics “wins” – Hospital X reducing readmissions, Health System Y cutting prescription costs or Practice Z streamlining its bulk buying of tongue depressor. How does healthcare move from easy wins in analytics to more tangible, repeatable results?”

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