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Big Things in Patient Engagement: Context and Transparency

It was apparent that health IT is really moving toward accountable, value-based care, which ultimately has its success rooted in better decisions by patients, physicians and caregivers. The interoperability must ultimately lead to delivering more transparent cost and quality data in context. To make effective decisions, and to effectively engage, we must understand all the factors influencing a person at a given time, we must understand contexts, and get key information placed into that context. That’s how we can put mHealth, interoperability and patient engagement into a framework that drives patient engagement.

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Social Conquest of Medicine III: 10 Recommendations

The benefits of sharing this data are just too great to be ignored on both a personal and population level, and people now approve of sharing medical data to improve care by an overwhelming majority.We have a unique opportunity to drive the Social Conquest of Medicine, to work together to solve big problems–the key will be to find the right middle line between transparency and privacy. Based on exploring the 23andMe case, here’s what author Leonard Kish thinks we can do.

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The Social Conquest of Medicine: 23andMe and Conflict

Leonard Kish begins dissecting the 23andMe story, which was one of the more interesting healthcare developments in 2013. Mistakes were made on both sides, but 23andMe tried to be too many things for too many people, serving many conflicting masters. However, this is a big moment in the history of medicine as we try to come to terms with a social, big data era.

“Where do we come from, what are we, where are we going?”

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Healthcare Startups, Giving, Developing New Forms

The indicators are starting to show a strong correlation between the notion of giving and economic success. After all, it’s a well-worn truth that trust drives economics and exchange. Giving is a profound way to develop that trust within a community network. So, give thanks, then find the right community, and give a bit of yourself. Good things will follow.

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Developing New Patient Engagement Drugs

Code-a-thons and shared creative spaces, may be the basic research labs of consumer engagement “drugs.” Read why Leonard Kish thinks they hold key insight that would be beneficial for the burgeoning health and wellness communities working to create true patient engagement.

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