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Looking Through the Google Glass

I’m impressed by the number of big-name health systems that are giving Google Glass a test drive. It’s also interesting to note the diversity of applications, from telehealth, education, remote consults, and EMR access. By the time HIMSS15 rolls around next April I am sure we’ll have a clearer idea of which vendors have figured out the formula for success. But please… don’t be a Glasshole!

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Note to Developers: Quit Ignoring the Patients

The problem with mammograms, EMRs, patient portals, and other healthcare technologies is that too often the developers seem to have forgotten the patient experience. Case in point: EMRs. Having all of a patient’s visit record online is a tremendous benefit. Frequently, however, the EMR interferes with the patient exam because the physician seems to be paying more attention to finding the right drop down item than to the actual patient. Especially if I am sick, I want my doctor’s full attention and assurance that he/she is engaged and invested in my care.

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Establishing Trust in the mHealth Marketplace

Developers, focus on clinical quality, real information security, and carefully evaluate the legitimacy and value any certification pursued. For those in the healthcare IT and mhealth communities, particularly in media and press, always be in the habit of fact checking and peer review before blindly passing along press releases and link bait. Patients and consumers rely on your information, and your stamp of approval, and it’s important for the success of the health innovation movement that members of our community turn a critical eye to claims from any organization. A little due diligence goes a long way.

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Happy Dreams: Technology Can Both Ruin and Revitalize Sleep Habits

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 50 to 70 million Americans have a sleep or wakefulness disorder. Factors that contribute to sleep disturbances include medication, illness, and stress. So do two things common to the health care industry – shift work (particularly night shift) and technology. Both are messing with our circadian rhythms. What are your tips for working the night shift and/or breaking through insomnia?

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Giving Thanks for Health Information Technology

Finding articles about the missteps or failures of health IT is easy. The key to remember, though, is progress is happening in many places. This is a call to action, a call to express gratitude. During the next 10+ days, let’s express our gratitude for the good happening and where it is happening. Through Twitter, tweet your HIT gratitude, using the hashtag #HITThanks.

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