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Healthcare Standards include HL7, X12, DICOM, plus more.

5 Questions With Tim Dawson, Chief Architect at Vital Images

Radiology has always had the most innovative technology in healthcare, with CT scanners that can capture a 3D image of a patient’s heart between heart beats, but the field is often wrongly stereotyped as sitting on the sidelines when it comes to the interoperability revolution. Tim Dawson introduces us to DICOM-RS, a standard akin to HL7 FHIR that will very likely have a big role in the future of health IT interoperability

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Patient Safety: Correcting Both Our Culture and System Failures

A culture that advocates transparency, honesty, flat hierarchy, and teamwork, hospitals are still not safe without a system that is designed correctly. Contrarily, no amount of protocols, checklists, training, or functional systems will counteract people who inherently make mistakes. It is the combination of culture and properly designed system processes that can catch causes of patient harm.

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Project Health Design Standards-Based Model

Growth of Quantified Self, Part 4: The Future of Health Design

Part 4 of Angela’s quantified self series explores a platform that enables users to design health “projects” for tracking across all devices, the RWJF’s Project Health Design, and a proposed standards-based model for patient-generated health information that helps integrate with EHRs. Each of these projects are fascinating and illustrate the speed self-tracking technology is progressing.

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