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Health IT Literacy

What is Health IT Literacy?

Healthcare has many components and, ultimately, the most essential elements are delivering high quality care in a timely and efficient manner. In the middle of this is you – the patient. Understanding what is healthy is core to health literacy. Understanding how your data is collected, stored, used, and exchanged is central to health IT literacy. We need to raise our health standards for both healthcare and health IT literacy, and this will take a community and your active participation.

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Biggest Loser Again: The U.S. Healthcare System Takes Last Place for Healthcare Quality

Despite spending $8,508 per person on healthcare – more than any other country – the U.S. healthcare system placed dead last for overall healthcare quality in a new Commonwealth Fund report that compared the U.S. healthcare system’s performance with 10 other industrialized nations. Commonwealth has conducted four similar studies since 2004 and each time the U.S. has been ranked at the bottom of the pack. That’s one heck of a losing streak.

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Collaboration and Federation: IHE Creating Direct Project Provider Directory

We’re seeing a move from talking about the sustainability and interfacing challenges of HIE organizations to a new discussion focused on a one-to-one exchange of patient data between referring caregivers. One key element missing from the Direct Project story is a directory of providers’ Direct email addresses. How can a Direct message be sent if neither the sender nor the receiver knows the Direct email address? IHE USA has been hard at work on this project via the HPD Provider Directory Task Group.

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HIPAA, Security, and Your Devices

Stories that you only expect to see on television shows, in books, or movies are gradually becoming reality. Meaningful Use is the word around the health care vine, and it’s meant to make sure the information being captured is ‘meaningful’ and quality data. We expect that this quality data, our PHI that we entrust to providers, is safe and secure as well. It takes work and testing, but the end result is comfort in knowing that your care is being taken care of and safeguarded.

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Data Stories are Told Over Years, Not Minutes

Opening data to the people has an incredible democratizing effect. It’s a source that costs very little to release, but if it’s held tight, it can give certain players and institutions an unfair advantage. Better to release imperfect data and have the beginnings of a story than wait until it’s perfect and let industry tell the tale in the meantime.

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