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This Holiday, New Consumer Health Tech that Can Really Make a Difference

Trends in mHealth, wearable tech, and the Internet of Things attract a lot of diverse opinions. Early adopters enjoy the newest technologies and bold predictions, like those from futurists at Exponential Med (#xMed). The skeptics dismiss innovations like wearable tech as just a fad, or just for fitness buffs and “Quantified Selfers.” Others see the implications of new health tech as threats to privacy – like collecting and sharing data with employers and insurance companies.

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Privacy and Google Glass: Where’s the Line?

This is no longer limited to patient-doctor relationships or patient-hospital relationships. It is basic patient autonomy to know who has the right to collect our personal data, what rights we have regarding the data, and which laws protect or do not protect us. And, finally, who should decide how to tread in the gray areas. We need to act now as now is the time for us to decide how patient healthcare should be treated when it comes to individuals, healthcare, businesses, and the law.

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Healthcare Has Missed the Point of Google Fit

Google’s a la carte approach focuses more on personal daily workflow models and integrating everyday tasks into a common platform to help establish trends that can provide actionable insights. The GoogleFit SDK will allow data from user-chosen health, fitness and wellness devices to play nice with a variety of Android devices and platforms, curating all user data in one place, in one app, of the user’s choice.

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HIPAA, Security, and Your Devices

Stories that you only expect to see on television shows, in books, or movies are gradually becoming reality. Meaningful Use is the word around the health care vine, and it’s meant to make sure the information being captured is ‘meaningful’ and quality data. We expect that this quality data, our PHI that we entrust to providers, is safe and secure as well. It takes work and testing, but the end result is comfort in knowing that your care is being taken care of and safeguarded.

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Make the Connection: Using Tech to Find Mental Health Resources

Mental illness still carries a huge stigma, causing embarrassment for those with mental illness that often prevents them for reaching out for help when they are struggling. Fear of being judged as unstable, potentially violent or “crazy” can prevent those with mental illness from getting the help they need. Access to mental health care also has historically been a challenge.

Technology is one possible way to help breakdown stigma and barriers to care and can provide a tool to help raise awareness and build support. Here are some ways the tech community can help those with mental illness.

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Rise of Data Analytics Heightens Need for PHI Security

2013 significantly changed the context of the healthcare security and privacy conversation. From the Snowden NSA revelations, to HIPAA Omnibus rule, changes in breach characteristics, to connected devices, mhealth, IoT and increasing use of cloud and corporate BYOD policies, one thing is clear: security by obscurity equals no security at all. The burden of protecting PHI is now spread across all data holders, patients, providers and payers alike. Lauren Still outlines some of the unique security issues that need to be addressed as healthcare technology moves into a data analytics mindset.

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