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Privacy and Google Glass: Where’s the Line?

This is no longer limited to patient-doctor relationships or patient-hospital relationships. It is basic patient autonomy to know who has the right to collect our personal data, what rights we have regarding the data, and which laws protect or do not protect us. And, finally, who should decide how to tread in the gray areas. We need to act now as now is the time for us to decide how patient healthcare should be treated when it comes to individuals, healthcare, businesses, and the law.

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Getting Hip to HIPAA: A Primer

The three main provisions in the act are the portability provisions, the tax provisions and the administrative simplification provisions. The Privacy Rule falls under the simplification provision. Why is that? The third provision is an attempt to standardize electronic transmission of health data and the Privacy Rule was developed to create security standards regarding this information.

What does HIPAA really mean? Here’s a brief primer for to help make the legislation less scary and more helpful.

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Project Health Design Standards-Based Model

Growth of Quantified Self, Part 4: The Future of Health Design

Part 4 of Angela’s quantified self series explores a platform that enables users to design health “projects” for tracking across all devices, the RWJF’s Project Health Design, and a proposed standards-based model for patient-generated health information that helps integrate with EHRs. Each of these projects are fascinating and illustrate the speed self-tracking technology is progressing.

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