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Unstructured Data: The Star Waiting in The Wings

Data-filled electronic health records hold the promise of predictive, personalized medicine and improved population health. Up until now, much of the data retrieved from records is structured data, information recorded in specific data fields. However, the total amount of structured data accounts for as little as 20% of the EHR with as much as 80% of EHR data unstructured. For example, all MD and other health care provider notes anhd all written reports accompanying examinations (e.g., radiologic data) is unstructured data.

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Cool Tech and a Drive for Men’s Health

For all our technological advances, getting a man to see his doctor is still a big challenge. Men are 24% less likely to go to the doctor than women. Two creative urologists are using an interest in future tech and cool cars to fuel a greater interest in men’s health. The pair recently completed the first “Drive for Men’s Health”, and plan to grow awareness by making the drive an annual event.

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Meaningful Use: Are We Losing Sight of the Finish Line?

In 2010 with the release of proposed rules for the EHR incentive program, the HIT industry was hurled into a whirlwind and “Meaningful Use” became the buzz word of the day. Now, just the mention of two words and you can hear a silent sigh. Since the Stage 2 rules were released, communities have discussed the complexities of the standards, the need for more time and flexibility, and the lack of collaboration between policy and reality. However, recently these seemingly small discussions have become the crying out of an industry seeing a good idea go horribly wrong.

A preview of Friday’s #HITsm chat.

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Clinical Information Systems Usability Discussion Topics

As the healthcare IT community continues to move from analog to digital, it is critical for us to focus on usability. It is not merely enough to replicate paper-based workflows with clinical information systems, it is critical for us to bring our patient’s stories to life in a visually rich, contextually relevant, highly usable format. Dr. Rasu Shrestha provides 5 important topics to discuss.

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The Life and Death of Social Networks

Real-world networks and communities begin to wither when shared resources are depleted. What makes them sustainable for the new health care networks we are building? Author Leonard Kish provides a roadmap for healthcare’s future social networks designed at improving patient engagement.

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Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd: Advice for Navigating HIMSS14

One of the world’s largest health IT conference kicks off at the end of this month, February 23-27, and this year promises to be every bit as enormous. With so many areas to explore, HIMSS can be rather overwhelming for an unprepared attendee. Shane Damico interviewed Cari McLean from HIMSS and Jennifer Dennard from Billian Inc. to provide their advice for first-time conference-goers.

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