#HITsm Chat

#HITsm TweetChat, Nov. 21, 2014


Moderator: Dr. Nick van Terheyden

Topic: Consumers, patients and clinicians – driving healthcare to the mobile platform

From Dr. Nick:

Topic 1: Mobility is central to our lives – except in Healthcare. Why?

Topic 2: Is mHealth a passing fad or just another buzzword to be overtaken by the next big thing?

Topic 3: What needs to change in the U.S. to accelerate the move to mHealth platforms?

Topic 4: What will the tipping point be for #mHealth?

Topic 5: What is the biggest benefit moving to mHealth?

For those not familiar with #HITsm TweetChats, #HITsm is an acronym for “healthcare IT social media” and we focus on current topics that are influencing healthcare technology, health IT, and the use of social media in healthcare.

Chats are held at 11 a.m, CST, every Friday. Cancellations will be noted in Upcoming Chats, located on this page. During the chat, topics will be announced by the @HealthStandards Twitter account.

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